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Interfaith Social Justice Dialogue Program

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Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 5:30pm to Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 5:30pm

Interfaith Social Justice Program
Faith. Justice. Dialogue. Dinner.

Beginning January 23rd, join 10-12 UIC Jewish, Muslim, and Christian students as we engage in interfaith dialogue around issues of social justice and the common good.

For 8 dinner sessions during spring semester, we will gather over dinner, build relationships, engage and learn about intergroup dialogue, delve into our faith identities and traditions, and organize to act for peace and justice.

A Lenten Journey

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When I think of Lent, my first inclination is to think of the practical: What shall I give up for Lent? What practice shall I take on? Perhaps we do this because we think of Jesus' fasting in the desert for forty days and believe that we should do something similar (but maybe not as extreme).

What Does it Really Mean to Be a Christian?

So, yesterday I had a meeting with Rich Pak (our new campus pastor), in which he asked me what changes I’d like to see to our group and how things are run. (Which by the way…I’m very excited for! As we get more plans in motion, expect updates.) We were discussing possible topics for faith discussion groups, and general small groups, and one thing that kept coming to mind for me was ”What does it mean to be a Christian?”.

Lasting Legacies

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The following is a reflection from Agape student Hugh Vondracek on the impact of the relationships forged during our trip to New York City and the United Nations

Even if sky falls, I'll stand tall.

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One Agape student, Michael Krenzer, wrote up a different kind of reflection. Actually, he accumulated all the reflections that he was constantly writing while on the trip as a sort of memoir/diary. It is longer than all the other blog posts, but it is worth the read... especially all the way to the end. You can download the document with all of Michael's formatting and presentation with the link below. You can also follow the link to the high quality pictures he took of our ventures through New York with the bottom most link.


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